Remembering Ivancie Harris reported missing found dead

ivancie harris (2)Earlier this month Ivancie Harris, a young black female college student from Gresham, Oregon traveled to Hawaii with friends to celebrate her 29th birthday. Little did she know she would be the victim of an unidentified suspect.

A few days ago I went searching on the Internet for Ivancie’s story. Do you know there were only 2 stories released on the day she went missing? No follow-up stories until yesterday when they found her dead body. And nothing since.

What I wanted to do here is make sure we remember this black young woman who media gave no equal time too.  A woman whose voice deserves to be heard and her killer brought to justice.

An excerpt from the Diary of Tippy Ellis…

Chapter 20: Big G’s other victim


in Stone Mountain…

My BFF’s in trouble.

“Where you taking me?” Ooo. I’m dizzy. “Whas happening?”

I remember walking… I stopped to call Tippy… Got her voicemail… Thought about going home ‘cause I got nervous about a strange car I saw. I started walkin’ fast thinking how glad I was the car is on the other side of street. I thought I could run to a neighbor’s house if something crazy jumps…

Awwwwwk! They grabbed me from behind, put a smelly cloth over my nose and mouth.

When did they tie me up? How did I get back here? I can hear them whispering. Are they male or female? I hope not sex predators.

Huh. We’re leaving town; the traffic noise is fading. Stay awake TiAnna. Stay awake. Where are they taking me – north or south, east or west – which direction?  God I’m so damn stupid. I shoulda trained like Tippy, instead of tryin’ to be cute. Didn’t wanna break a naaail. Now look at me. I’m probably gonna die!

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