Memorial Day excerpt from The Diary of Tippy Ellis

FACEBOOK Diary_of_Tippy_Ellis_Cover_for_Kindle (2)Daddy gently squeezes my hands and says, “I’ll sit with you until you get back to sleep.”

I may be 16, but I miss being daddy’s little girl. Often I pretend my nightmares affect me way more than they do. Then I can be his little girl again.

5/28/2012 Late morning…

Thank you Big G. Today is Memorial Day and no school. I plan to stay home all day – eat, sleep and watch movies. No Jeremy either. My boo is out-of-town visiting Miami University, 1 of the schools trying to recruit him. Jeremy is 1 of the most sought after football quarter backs in the country. He’s a senior at Stone Mountain High but scouts started courting him in his junior year.

Oh damn! The phone’s ringing. It’s my BFF.

“Hey Tip! Get your ass up!” TiAnna is loud, making me hold the phone away from my ear.

“What!” I shout back.

“We’re goin’ to the mall so get ready.” TiAnna can be demanding sometimes. Hm. Like I’m gonna jump right up. Not today.

“I ain’t feelin’ it T. I’ve been up most of the night.”

“Uh-oh. Another nightmare girl?”

“Uh-huh. Daddy sat with me.”

“Aw ain’t he  sweet. How’s he acting anyway?”

“Hm. Gotta have a nightmare before he acts right.”

“All the reason you need to get up Tip. It’ll do you good to break out of Guantanamo for a while.”

“Naw. I wanna hide.”

“Now look Tip. You being all depressed ain’t good.”

“Who says I’m depressed? I’m just tired.”

“Girl paleeze. I can hear it in your voice. I know you.”

Damn. I love my BFF and would do anything for her. But today ain’t the day. Why does she keep buggin’?

“LaTonya Ellis,” she says, trying to sound like daddy. “Be at the mall by 2:00. I’m buying you your birthday outfit.”

“My birthday’s not until next month. What’s the rush?”

“I’ll be broke by tomorrow that’s why.”

Funny. TiAnna almost never spends money on anyone but herself. But she’s a good friend and knows all about my problems.

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