Meet Atlanta Author Amani Shakhete


Reading a good novel captures your imagination and takes you places no reality TV or television show can. Words are timeless. Everything worth knowing and remembering is in the written word. As authors, we do more than tell a good story. With the millions of characters we create, we offer you a chance to see yourself, get to know yourself and be who you most desire. All it takes is indulging yourself – one page at a time.  

Boss Amanishakhete (uh-ma-nee-sha-kete) is a writer, author and lyricist. She’s the author of the new multi-generational series “LaTonya Trilogy.” According to her readers ranging in ages 16-60, the storyline is refreshing, full of twists and keeps you guessing. Mostly, Boss Amanishakhete has managed to create a series that all generations and genders enjoy because they see themselves in the characters. Parts 1,2 and 3 can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble,, Amazon Kindle and a host of other retailers.

Boss is also a word-soul artist, a genre she created herself. She’s written and produced a word-soul album “Epiphany of a Lady” and a single “Murder 2012” in remembrance of the Trayvon Martin murder. Her CD’s can be purchased online at CD Baby and iTunes. Mostly, she writes with passion, truth and she’s outspoken on issues she’s passionate about and doesn’t base them on party lines.

“I simply base my opinion on the issues not a particular political party or group,” says Amanishakhete.

Under her birth name, Amanishakhete holds an Associate of Science Degree (Dean’s List) Portland Community College and Bachelor of Science in Business and Communications (cum laude) Concordia University supported by Business and International Relations graduate studies in London, England at East London Business School. She also has a Master’s in Fine Arts (magna cum laude) Lindenwood University. Her career has spanned many years spent in executive management focused on broadcasting, business, PR, marketing and branding – and as an editor also wrote articles and editorials. She’s managed musicians and models, produced stage shows, served on stage as emcee and keynote speaker. She’s hosted her own TV and radio shows where she interviewed major celebrities and high profile personalities.

Amanishakhete’s mission is to “Bring fresh voices to the experience” through captivating stories that engage and draw in new readers–especially the youngest generations. Stories that take you on imaginative journeys into this world and out there into the endless universe. Stay in touch for some exciting new projects from Amanishakhete that include science fiction, magical realism, suspense, romance, flash and mystery fiction. You never know, you may see Boss Amanishakhete on a stage near year performing her fresh new Word Soul sound or directing a stage play. Also on the horizon are made-for-TV and film projects.

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