Find our missing girls – bring them home

Like me, everyone should be outraged about the 300 schoolgirls recently kidnapped in Nigeria.

Over the past couple of days, we have heard many stories – the kidnappers claim they plan to sell the girls as child brides and for $12 each – to today’s news that the Nigerian government knew about the planned attack four hours before it happened.

Releasing this story is one thing but keeping it in the headlines (until we find them) takes all of us. This involves urging editors, journalists, elected-officials, public-at-large and the rest of us picking up a pen to write about it, calling the international community to action.

I am an advocate for stopping crimes against women and children, including domestic violence and sex trafficking. I often include these realisms in my fiction series as another avenue for moving these crimes to the forefront. Too, these incidences regularly remind me of my own life story – of what happened to me, friends and family.

Let’s keep this story in the headlines and all of our innocent girls in our hearts and minds from this day forward.

In truth,


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