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Will more African American Authors get their overdue recognition?

This is a blog I wrote a few years ago–updated with a title change. It is still relevant but my life has changed. I now live in Atlanta, GA. And this series, so far, has three-parts under the series title “The Tippy Ellis Story.”  You can find her on Amazon.com and a host of other bookstore retailers. 

As a new author to the fiction world, I am amazed at the wide range of talented black writers in this industry. Many authors we’ve heard of Carl Weber, Terry McMillian, Alice Monroe, Tony Morrison, Walter Mosley but numerous authors have yet to be acknowleged or celebrated.  For example, if you search for African American authors on-line at Barnes and Noble the results will come back with over 3,000 titles. Amazing huh?  Yep, black folks have passion for much more than basketball, singing and hip hop.

From what I’ve seen, even the most popular black authors rarely grace the front pages of major magazines or mainstream news. Seemingly, we have to fight our way to the forefront – to be seen – hoping to be heard and applauded for our works.

We have passion for what we do. Our individuality inspires great writers with great stories, offering ideals from a variety of black experiences beyond your typical street and hip hop literature, which appears to be growing in popularity – this is of no surprise.

Perhaps me being synical comes from living in a city called Portland, Oregon where blacks are 2 percent of the population if that. We usually get recognized if we commit a crime or if we belong to a closed niche group of black folks who the major news outlets recycle, making it sound like only a handful of black folks are doing good deeds, doing  great things.  I guess we can be grateful for our black media. But in my experience the geographical reach of black media, depending on where it is, is smaller. Further, the welcome mat doesn’t come easy and often expect to go unnoticed unless, of course, you already have the word celebrity attached to your name, or you know so and so at the corner store or church. There are exceptions.

So what advice is there for new black authors on the scene or for those interested in joining the long list of names already in the industry?

I’ve spent the past almost year writing my first novel, the first in a series, Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” and opted to self publish after having a focus group of early readers review the final draft. Inspired by my own life surrounded by often tragic circumstances, the Diary received raving reviews. I’m also a marketing and branding professional by trade so I am fortunate to have skills to self promote. Yet, I’ve found that introducing myself to the fiction world isn’t easy.  So far, I’ve been met with resistance and the money train is nearing empty.

To get the credit we deserve? I guess I have to rethink what that means. Change my blueprint and adhere to my mission for this series, which is to “Give young black women a voice” and to keep the spotlight on violence against women.  Both are crucial causes worth fighting for. Hence, I don’t need credit for that but the drive to continue the movement. Onward to part two.

In truth,

Boss Amanishakhete, author and Word-Soul artist

Trailer:  Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” by Boss Amanishakhete

Atlanta and Portland provide backdrops for a dynamic story about Latonya “Tippy” Ellis – 17 and black – who battles the pressures of drugs, alcohol and sex, while coming to grips with past family secrets. Through dealing with the trauma of murder and violence, Tippy learns to navigate the gauntlet of close friendships, love and life.

Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s” Daughter” is currently on-line at Createspace.com and Amazon.com (paperback and kindle)

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Jodi Arias a cold blooded murderer makes a mockery out of domestic violence…

…while Travis Alexander lay dead! I am outraged! Arias continues to make a mockery out of survivors of domestic violence, taking jodi arias (3)lightly the cold-blooded calculated murder she committed. She expects the public to feel sorry for her – she shot and killed Travis, slashed his throat and stabbed him 29 times. Why? Because he just wasn’t that into her – anymore.  Furthermore, she has no remorse nor is she insane. Yet she wants the public to believe she’s wacked and some people are buying it. Well I don’t believe her. Arias knew exactly what she was doing. The evidence proves she planned it.

Now the jury is having a hard time sentencing her to death because she claims she will make amends by organizing a book club and sell tacky, joke T-shirts that say “survivor?” The same broad that is right now giving media interviews, laughing and joking about taking a human life. Tell you what – paint her face black and watch how fast they come back with a verdict – GUILTY! Death by lethal injection!

In the Diary of Tippy Ellis, I present at least five different cases of domestic violence. Domestic violence is no joke. I certainly hope that Domestic violence organizations refuse any donation from Arias whose soul purpose is to use them to leave her legacy.

Chapter 54 – No Means No!

Girl stop! Stay focused! You know that damn john is wacked! Yeah. You’re the one. I remember now. I thought I could appeal to your sense of decency. But instead you rambled on about “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. You sick bastard! You even told me you had, had your way with a 14-year-old black girl. When you were a landscaper for her family. You said she loved how you laid it on her. When you was done with me, I’d be hollering for more just like she did. Now I know she was my mother you son-of-a-bitch!

Yeah. You was brutal. I ended up hollerin’ all right. But because you started beating me with your belt. Calling me your little black slave.

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