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It’s Time to Rebrand the Democratic Party (repost from an early post)

But first, the Democrats MUST kick that donkey’s ass to the curb!

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As a branding expert, I understand that symbols supposedly reflect the brand. A brand’s symbol and/or logo is one of its greatest assets. It should tell the story about the brand visually supported by its product or service offerings.

Like the Republicans use of the elephant reflects their behavior of stepping on and squashing anyone who gets in their way, like the cowardly Democrats, the donkey’s ass, who take the Republicans’ shit lying down. And yes, my favorite President Barack Obama had a tendency to do that. Okay, Obama perhaps didn’t want to be perceived as the stereotypical scary black guy the media often portrays our black men but hell Barack! He should have gotten over that during his second-term and beat the fuck outta the elephant and swaggered his way on outta there like the strong, intelligent black man that he is.

Therefore, in order to beat those damn Republicans–all of them and not just that man in the white house who won’t get my respect–the DEMS must re-position themselves to play by the GOPs dirty rules. I say it is time for the DEMS to re-brand themselves. It’s time for them to retire the donkey that is constantly kicked in its ass by the elephant. And this is true in the animal kingdom.

So, in doing research, I’ve discovered that the best animal to go up against the elephant is, drum roll please….. THE HIPPOPOTAMUS!

The hippo is the most aggressive and territorial animal on earth, and they can run up to speeds of 35 mph. They’re the meanest, most nastiest animals on earth that do not give a fuck. The downfall for an elephant in this battle, is that they can’t run, but they can walk up to speeds of 15mph. The elephant can try and penetrate the hippos skin with its tusks, but as everyone knows, that’s no easy task. Hippos have heavily armored skin, it has been well known that hippos bodies can take a hell of amount of bullets (Google).

In order to lead this change, the DEMS need a leader who is not afraid to stand up to the elephant. My vote is for Congresswoman Maxine Waters. It’s time for the DEMS to reclaim their time like Waters and become the “nastiest animal on earth that doesn’t give a fuck!” Stop the nice shit and running scared! Move over donkey’s ass, hear comes them DEM HIPPOS!

It may still be a tough fight, but at least the HIPPO stands a fighting chance!

In Truth,


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Georgia Secretary of State attempting to steal election before January 5

As an independent, I tried to give the Republicans a chance but then they do this!!! I take back the cordial things I said about Raffensberger. This is outrageous and the black Republicans say this is okay. I am done!!! Is there an attorney who will take on a class action case for all black Americans to sue the Trump Campaign and the Republican party for voter suppression? This needs to happen. When they go low, we go lower!!! 

YouTube video ‘This Is Pure Jim Crow’: GA Rule Could Stop People From Registering To Vote If They Don’t Have A Car‘This Is Pure Jim Crow’: GA Rule Could Stop People From Registering To Vote If They Don’t Have A Car

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