Freedom for all not just for some means WOKE!

As a fiction author, I am outraged at the danger to silence us writers and individual free thinkers. Our words are powerful because they come through a higher source providing answers to life’s greatest mysteries and the worlds beyond. What we have are tools that offer humans a chance to break free from the prisons that bind them and move them beyond a thought that will simply destroy their freedoms, a chance to grow in truth and understand their humanity.

We are living in a so-called free society where the far-right claim free speech is essential except for when it goes against their ideology of hate, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-LGBTQ or simply any person who doesn’t fall within the Judeo-Christian Ethics (based on Conservatism and White Supremacy). Messaged as war against woke their movement is based in pure evil ready to take away the last of our humanity and independence by dividing and conquering.

Our learning planet earth sits amid a perfect universe filled with billions of galaxies and solar systems. As diverse as the galaxies of planets and stars, so should life be on this planet–whether we agree or not–and should fight to preserve it. Rather than allow our world to fester with negative energies pulling from the lower worlds of hell, fighting to reign over pure soul energy; it wants power over the land and its people to again enslave minds, bodies and souls to feed their power and greed.

Well I say, fuck that for I choose WOKE:

Standing against the un-woke who have no regard for humanity and are making hate a rule of law or the way of society.

Believing in freedom for everyone regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs, or political views whether we agree or not.

Knowing truth and stand against any white supremacy ideology attempting to rewrite our history, especially black history.

Understanding that everyone has a right to their own truth of who they are as individuals and soul whether we agree or not

Honoring women not as handmaids but who are equal under the law of spirit and the universe

Ending hatemongers whose words and actions murder innocent persons because of the color of their skin, of who they are, and what they believe.

Proud to be WOKE and will not be silenced!

In Truth,


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