2020 Election Mayhem


First, let me be clear – I am an Independent who lives in Georgia and who does not succumb to any political party. And that includes anyone’s Independent Party.  In other words, I am an independent thinker, a 63-year-old African American female, who is proud to say “I vote for the issues we can all compromise on and for a candidate that will be an elected-official for all constituents.”

However, I did not vote for that man in the white house. Nor will I vote for any Republican who backs him and his buddies. Like Kemp, who stole the Gubernatorial election from Stacy Abrams last year, and goodbye Loeffler and Purdue, YOU RACISTS CROOKS. We will vote you out.

Look, I have voted for Republicans in the past – but will not follow someone blindly like following that CULT leader in the white house who expects people to kiss his ass!!!!! That man and his team have made it clear they will do anything for greed and power and that includes destroying our United States of America and its people. A Hitler move but much worse and on a grander scale. These demons are even coming up with more ballots, having them tossed into Georgia Republican leaning counties, and calling for Secretary of States to toss out Democrat mail-in ballots. They want him to be a crook too. To the Sec. of State Raffensperger, stand your ground. You have my vote in your re-election bid.

As for Dems, what the hell is wrong with you!!!  May I suggest again changing the party’s logo from “A Donkey’s Ass” to an animal that will stand up to the elephant. Enough with sitting back letting that narcissist in the white house create havoc to destroy Biden and Harris, the first female and black woman to be elected to the white house. What they hell is wrong with you wimps.

And the news media? I am so sick of CNN and MSNBC talking. Damnit, stop trying to rationalize that man’s action in the whitehouse. I am over the same guests coming on trying to be rational. That man has been planning this for some time. He asked President Obama could he use the Nukes! You fools!

As for the nearly 80 million who voted against tyranny and life under a dictator and his cult followers, it is time to stand for something. You voted now what? Are you going to laydown and die in a mass massacre? Because it is coming if you don’t stand up and now! We have earned our freedom, now it’s time to shut those GOP demons down!!! 

Here is how I start, I offer a prayer each day to the Creator of all things, my African Ancestors, Angels and Universal life forces to shut the demons down. It is time for them to either become enlightened, rejoin humanity or leave.

There is an island called hell waiting just for them.

In Truth,

Amani Shakhete

As of tonight 11/16/2020 – That man in the whitehouse is looking to attack IRAN – Again he is desperate – burning the house down – putting our families in danger. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough.

To you evil doers: The law of KARMA is active for everyone despite who you are!!!

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