I Have No Respect for the News Media and I am not talkin’ FOX

In the middle of laying civil rights great John Lewis to rest and hearing from OUR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, that racist in the whitehouse played his trump card. On national television and the damn media did not hold him accountable.

While over 150,000 Americans lay dead, that man held a press conference which was an outrage. What’s more the whitehouse press corp allowed orange top, who does not deserve the title President, to ramble and lie, lie, lie. Among other lies, he basically said he will delay the election and if he loses he will tie it up in court for months. Meaning he is not leaving!

Those damn journalists just allowed it and did not call him on it. In other words, they coddled the jerk! As a former journalist, I am embarrassed and damn angry!!

Those whitehouse press journalists should be ashamed! As far as I am concerned, they should do us all a favor, and hang up their press badges and go work for FOX. At least we know where they stand — the whitehouse’s own fake news corp.

Folks, the dictator has just laid down his gauntlet. We cannot let him get away with this and his supporters. HE MUST GO!!!! Just like his loser of a show!!!

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