Why do I Write?

Frankly, I write to say what the hell I wanna say without repercussions like losing my job! I write because it gives me a sense of freedom and makes me feel better when I am having a bad day. I write to share the voices in my head, the ones I’ve been told I channel and who make great characters. I write because it releases my tension and stress. I write because I hope to get paid for it one day sooner than later. I write because I think, hell I know I’m damn good at it. I write because I am confident in who I am. I write because writing takes you places you may not be able to afford – money or time. I write because everyone knows good writers with great storylines are unique. I write because it’s all about me and how I feel regardless of what people may say. I write to tell truths that can be told through fiction. I write to educate and inspire the masses. I write to offer information to people who want to hear it. I write because there are so many people and stories people need to hear. I write to bring life to my life and keep it interesting. I write because it is better than watching boring ass television. I write to get to know myself on a deeper level. I write to dispel myths perhaps or create them. I write to compete. I write to boost my ego. I write to say all the things I can’t verbalize. I write to enhance my skillset and keep it on point. I write to let go of the anger, hurt and paid caused by people who I trusted. I write to yell loud when it’s quiet and I can’t. I write to fight back when I don’t feel like fighting back. I write because I can use an alias and be incognito. I write when I don’t feel like doing anything else. I write for the hell of it. I write to kick ass. I write to talk bad about somebody who deserves it. I write because I get paid for some of it. I write because I’ve been doing it for years and there’s no need to quit now. I write because I like to dream. I write to see what else comes out of my head and soul. I write because it offers a way to connect spiritually. I write because it is powerful, words are powerful and it makes me feel empowered. I write because many people don’t anymore. I write to do something other than be on a cell or internet doing something not so constructive. I write to show others how it’s done. I write day for others to enjoy. I write because it is a great way to communicate when you don’t want to speak. I write to clear my when it runs amuck. I write to write to write to write. I write to turn the gibberish into something worth reading about.

So Dammit, take the time to read again!

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