Trayvon Martin found guilty of walking while black

Trayvon-Martin-protesters-march-in-Sanford-4I182P5A-x-largeMillions of people are shocked and outraged about today’s verdict: George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin.

I, on the other hand, knew Zimmerman would get off.  Let’s face it, Florida is a Republican state where it is legal to “stand your ground.” This means that most Floridians – except for the black ones – can kill anyone if they are in fear of their lives. In this case, Zimmerman stood his ground and got away with murder. And the prosecutors made it easier for him to do just that. The big smile on the face of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey at the press conference following the trial said it all. They put on a good show but screwed things up so Zimmerman walks.

When all is said and done, Zimmerman was not the one on trial. It was Trayvon Martin who stood trial over the past several months. He like other black males, dead or alive, was profiled, demoralized and criminalized because of the color of his skin. And the media with the help of Zimmerman’s friends, lying neighbors and defense team did an excellent job turning another black male into a scary, menacing criminal who “must be got before they get you.” Murdering a black man is justified so, in their eyes, Zimmerman is a hero. The media supports this image by promoting the “let’s feel sorry for Zimmerman” fanfare taking place right now on all the racist news channels.

So let’s remember this day July 13, 2013. A day in which we are reminded about an unequal and racists criminal justice system. A day when society was told, yet again, that it is okay to be suspicious of all black men because they are all criminals. Black men have no civil rights, therefore, people can fear them, profile them, follow them and kill them dead! And get away with it!

Heed the words to Boss Amanishakhete’s Murder 2012 (CD can be purchased on CD Baby and Itunes).

Another black brotha’ murdered, he’s dead!  Setting the tone for Murder 2012, he’s dead! Causing melee on top of the already disrespect of another brotha’ whose position demands our respect. Yet they dare tell us chill, with a pill deal in Murder 2012, prepare black brothas to fry. Hate-mongers don’t want you to survive. They bait you, hate you, degrade you, stalk you, mock you, with skittles and ice tea’d hoodies telling you run, fight back, either way you can’t hide – die. The brotha’ they called coon was doomed with the devil near lurking, smirking, jerking him on to fail. No bail brotha’ they took you straight to hell burning you in flames, no chance for a last breath you took your last step – yep. Your death is on their bloody hands.

The pain, the pain, the pain with no gain he pain, the pain, the pain it’s driving me insane. To fall with our heads held down, our hands held bound in fear of their lock and load will kill us dead.

IN murder 2012; We’d better pray. ‘cause

Hate, drinks, creamed tea, uses right to wrong. campaigns defame and blame a free world leader.  A believer in humanity and justice making good in the neighborhoods.  Haters want to kill, kill him dead claiming second amendment, stand your ground with bullets astound, hound, bound Nubian kings and queens, hating, bating, degrading, there’s no speculating in Murder 2012.  A black brotha’s worth pays the cost for the help of a new black Jack who bribes, lies, defies for the sake of cream-tea and right wing-dings. He’s a doomed coon too who helps defend, pretend and even comprehend disguising another brotha’s demise – once again!

Oh NO the pain, the pain, the pain with no gain?  No the pain, the pain, won’t drive me insane. No we refuse to fall with our heads held down, our hands held bound. No we fear not your lock and load we will not die.

No more murder 2012; no more…

Say Yo — hate is destroying our planet; our humanity. Those creamed tea right wind-dinged racists say they want to take their country back BUT from whom?  What God made them humanity’s gift?  What God permitted them to have dominion over the rest of us?

You see there’s this thing called the United States Constitution “WE the People.”  Our Bill of Rights grants all of us equality…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain un-alien-able rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

 Trayvon…  Rest in peace



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