The CRAZIES lost the election now they’re talking impeachment

The crazies: the GOP, the birthers and the “I hate that black guy” racists are at it again. They couldn’t out vote President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, so now they want to impeach him and destroy his legacy.  With the mere speculation of Hillary Clinton running in 2016, the crazies have escalated their attacks on the President using the “no Benghazi issue” as an impeachment weapon despite the fact that this administration’s snafus look like nursery school rhymes compared to the war crimes committed under Bush/Cheney.

I wrote my recent novel the Diary of Tippy Ellis “Mama’s Daughter” in real time with much of it happening during the 2012 presidential election. The heroine LaTonya Ellis is surrounded by both Republican and Democratic family members. Within her immediate family her father Robert Ellis is a diehard Democrat who hates conservatives except for General Collin Powell. In Chapter 50 “Almost Home,” a conversation takes place between LaTonya and her father about the crazies and Obama’s legacy. See excerpt below.

The Diary of Tippy Ellis

Chapter 50/Almost Home

  11/7/2012  Early evening in Council Crest

I’m certainly glad the election is over. We got President Obama for another 4 years thanks to the Big G. Glad he’s doing something right for a change. Daddy is happy too. I thought last night he was gonna bust waiting for the results.  When it was over, he tears-up but mans-up quick.

“Now you see, that’s what them damn Republicans get,” daddy says. “They played dirty; tried to keep black folks from voting; talked about women like a dog; told the Latinos to self-deport; the Muslims to kill themselves; gays to go to hell and now they’re blaming their boy Romney. Huh, they threw away $400 million to buy people’s votes and got nothing. Could have put the money to good use but noooo, greed took over! But we the people told ‘em to shove it up there asses! And go to hell Fox News! I’m surprised those billionaires didn’t beat the shit out of Karl Rove for stealing their money.”

Daddy can barely breathe he’s so excited. “We have to protect the president’s legacy. These racists aren’t gonna sleep until they succeed in destroying him and his family. Huh. Now some of them racist states, including this one wants to succeed from the union. What bullshit! We gotta be ready to fight back when the time comes.”

Daddy also doesn’t like black folks being ignored. Now the Republicans are harping about how to appeal to Latinos but say nothing about black people – they know we ain’t stupid. We had a greater turn out than in 2008 despite trying to keep us down. Few news stations except for MSNBC are talking about it. Most everyone else is ignoring black people – again. As if we don’t count. As if we are invisible.

Daddy says he hopes the Latinos don’t get fooled by those damn Republicans. All they care about is building a power structure to turn us into slave labor. What daddy says reminds me of the movie the Hunger Games. I hope it never happens. If so, I’ll be one of the ones, along with daddy, getting thrown into those concentrations camps they keep talking about on the internet. Like daddy I ain’t bending.

#  #  #

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